Sonja’s Experience – Permanent Make-Up

My name is Sonja. I am a client of Carla’s. She asked that I forward some pictures after my permanent make-up for her web site. I took all these photos myself with the exception of the Day 6 photo.  I got my eyebrows, top and bottom eyeliner and full lips done on the same day. My official testimonial is at the bottom this page.

DAY 1  Sonja - Day 1
 Sonja - Day 2  Sonja - Day 2
 Sonja - Day 4 Sonja - Day 4
DAY 6  Sonja's Permanent Make-Up Experience

Out at dinner with no other makeup on, still with my aquaphor but you really can’t tell. I have provided my official testimonial below.

HERE IS MY OFFICIAL TESTIMONIAL: CARLA is THE BEST! I could not be happier with my permanent makeup. I had my eyebrows, top and bottom eyeliner and full lips done the same day. The stages you go through in the healing process can be a little scary but if you listen to her instructions everything comes out beautifully. Even while I was healing I was able to work and no one could really tell until I told them. People would compliment me even during the “healing” stages. I love that my makeup in still there even when I have a clean face in the evening and in the morning, and for those Beach, pool and boating days it is the BEST! Even when I workout! It makes everything so much easier. If anyone wants to ask me any questions you can email me anytime. Click here if you wish to email me about my Permanent Make-Up Experience at “All About You” Salon and Spa.

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Sonja’s Story
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