A Special Testimonial – Thank you, Carla

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Today is my birthday. I am 49 yrs old. However I have no qualms announcing that publicly. A major reason for that is due to the newfound confidence I’ve gained since meeting Carla and beginning our relationship. I feel such gratitude to her. I have lived for years, since my early 20’s with a condition called vitilligo. An auto immune disease where your pigmentation cells attack each other and kill themselves. So I have no pigmentation. I used to have freckles. None now. I used to be very tan now very pale which I conceal very well however I am very self conscious and wont be seen without makeup. Now being predisposed to auto immune diseases I also have lupus,which is now affecting my hands and I can barely do my hair and make up any more. That’s where Carla came into my life and changed it forever.

When I met her she was so easy to talk to and she gave me suggestions. She noticed that the top left side of my lip drooped a little (due to childhood bells palsy) and told me with the lip stick and liner she could fix that and she did. You cant see that flaw at all anymore.

She did my eye brows, top liner, bottom liner, wet tissue, eye shadow, lip liner, lip-stick.

Carla was wonderful to work with and I will recommend her to everyone. I feel I’ve made a new friend.

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A Special Testimonial

A Special Testimonial - Thank you, CarlaToday is my birthday. I am 49 yrs old. However I have no qualms announcing that publicly....Read More

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